The race

  • Date
  • Distances
  • REgistration Deadlines / Registration Fees
Saturday, 6th February 2021
Sunday, 7th February 2021
La Venosta OPEN
Saturday, 6.2.2021
20 km classic technique
30 km classic technique
La Venosta ELITE
Sunday, 7.2.2021
45 km classic technique
La Venosta Early Bird 1st Jan - 29th Feb 1st Mar - 31st Aug 1st Sept - 30 Nov 1st Dec - 1st Feb Late Registrations
Saturday, 6th Feb (20km) EUR 75 EUR 75 EUR 80 EUR 95 EUR 100 EUR 105
Saturday, 6th Feb (30km) EUR 90 EUR 95 EUR 100 EUR 115 EUR 120 EUR 125
Sunday, 7th Feb (45 km) EUR 90 EUR 95 EUR 105 EUR 120 EUR 125 EUR 130
Start and Finish
Start in Kapron
Finish in Melag, 1915m above sea level

Start groups / Start times
When you register online you will choose a start group. Please select the start group that matches your level of performance. If you would like to start in the elite start group, you are required to enter your valid FIS-code.
You can choose among the following start groups:
30km Classic
Elite group* (FIS-code required)
Pro skiers
Recreational skiers
If there are still start numbers available in a start group, a group change is still possible up to one week before the competition. You can make the change in your account on the online registration website.
Starttimes: TBD

Start authorisation
To participate in the event, you must be at least 18 years old on the day of the event. Every Italian citizen declares to be in possession of a valid medical certificate as provided for in the rules. This medical certificate must be uploaded at registration or handed in at the latest on the day before the race, that is Friday, February 5, 2021 at the race office.

CT (Classic Technique)
In classical technique competitions, the competitors must use classical technique only (ICR 343.8). In case a participant is using the wrong technique, the Jury will disqualify the athlete. Single or double-skating is not allowed (ICR 310.2.2.5). 

Registration / Payment
The registration to La Venosta 2020 classic and skating is open between the 16th of December 2019 and 1st of Februar 2021 23.59 CET at the online registration site, register here. Then, late registrations can be made upon availability at the Race Office, see further down.
How to register online
Create a user account at the registration site. Then fill in the registration form and complete your registration by payment using a credit or debit card.
Important: Italian citizens - must also indicate the number of their FISI card 2019/20 when registering online.
When picking up the start number, the FISI card must be presented. If an Italian citizen does not have a FISI card, then the participants has to fax (+39 0473 63 43 45) or email ( one of the following documents to the OC Team La Venosta within 5 days from the online notification:
- a medical certificate still valid on 15.12.2019 (M.D. 18.02.82), or
- a certificate about the "sporting suitability" still valid on 15.12.2019 according to M.D. dated 24.04.2013, Art. 4 (supplement D - increased cardiovascular activity), issued by a base physician or a sports physician.

Registration fee includes
- Start bib
- A great participant gift
- Transponder (with velcro)
- Sticker to mark your bag
- ID etiquette
- Isotonic drinks
- Free material and wax service
- 2 refreshment points along the course
- Rich lunch
- Medical care
- Diploma printout on the Internet

Race cancellation
50% of the participation fee will be refunded if the local organizing committee has to cancel the event more than 24 hours before the start. If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start, the organizer has the right to withhold the fees paid.
Paid fees will not be refunded if the participant is unable to start.

Start list
The start list will be available for inspection shortly.

Bib distribution
At the Race Office in Melag directly at the finish area

Timing / Transponder
Timekeeping is done by mika:timing. The chip is a transponder (with Velcro): Please attach to the right ankle and wear throughout the entire race. Without a transponder, there is no time measurement. The transponder must be handed in at the finish. In case of loss of the transponder EUR 50,00 will be charged!

Result service
The first result lists are available immediately after the finish at the info point. The results, sorted by age group, appear immediately after the end of the race on the Internet (results online).

Age classes - Women / Men - CT18 - 30 years
31 - 40 years
41 - 50 years
51 - 60 years
61 - 70 years
over 70 years
KIDS (the categories of FISI are taken into account)

Clothes transport
For environmental reasons, the clothing bags must be requested individually at the start bib distribution. At the start field, the clothing bag must be deposited outside the separations of the starting field. Only closed clothing bags are brought to the distribution position in the finish area. Clothes without a bag are left at the start.

Feeding and waxing service, checkpoints
Feeding stations are located at the finishing line at each round and at the highest point of the race at Melago Alm.
IMPORTANT: For lunch in the finish area, the participants of La Venosta will be admitted only upon presentation of the food coupon (you will receive it with the start package)! Lunch in the finish area will be available from 11.30am to 4pm.

Prize money

Allocation FIS Points
At La Venosta 45 km CT, FIS points will be awarded to the top athletes (see FIS Regulations: 2.6 FIS long distance popular competitions).

Training / Skiing pass
The cross-country ski tracks on the Reschen Pass will be artificially snowed and groomed as soon as possible (in November). On the race weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) no ski pass is required.

Amulance service
Your own health and safety comes first! According to the latest findings, a separate "safety plan" is prepared and approved by the jury. Therein are the exact responsibilities of the
- ambulance,
- White Cross (ambulances and/or rescue helicopter),
- Mountain rescue Langtaufers,
- the volunteer fire brigade of the municipality of Graun,
- the Carabinieri and
- the street police
The closest hospitals are:
- Krankenhaus Schlanders: 50 km distance Phone: +39 0473 738 111
- Krankenhaus Zams (A): 60 km distance Phone: +43 5442 600

It is located directly in the finish area for the following services:
- Return of lost & found objects
- General information

The choice of accommodation is left to the participants themselves. However, we recommend direct contact with the tourist office Reschenpass, Phone: +39 0473 63 31 01 or

Complaints / Protests
Any protests by the participants must be addressed in written form to the jury within one hour after the arrival of the first runner of the respective distance, with an amount of € 50,00 to be enclosed (cash only). In case of acknowledgment of the complaint, the amount will be refunded.
By registering and paying the registration fee, the participant (only ITALIAN citizens) accepts without restriction the preset conditions and confirms that he/she is
- in possession of a valid FISI card, or
- able to present a "sports medical certificate" (M.D. 18.02.82) valid until 15.02.2020, or
- a certificate of "sporting fitness" lt. M.D. dated April 24, 2013, Art. 4 (supplement D-increased cardiovascular activity) issued by a base physician or a sports physician and valid until 15.02.2020.
When picking up the start bib, an identification document must be presented.
The participant is aware that La Venosta requires considerable physical and technical effort. For this reason, each participant must be personally responsible, at the time of entering the race, for being properly prepared and trained and participating in the race at their own risk. In this way, the participant exempts the organizer from any liability for accidents before, during and/or after the event which cause damage to the participant himself, to third parties and/or their property. For the information not contained in these regulations, the standards of the "International Ski Federation FIS" apply.

Data pricacy
By registering, the participant accepts the transfer of his personal data to third parties for processing purposes within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679). Details can be found here.

Terms and Conditions
By registering for La Venosta you agree to the terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.