Race Course

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75 km classic (Saturday)
50 / 25 km classic (Sunday)

Starting in Curon at the mysterious tower in the lake the course follows clockwise around the lake passing by smaller villages and providing the participants with impressive views. Thereafter, the course leads to Austria and back to the lake counting up to 25 km. If one 25 km loop seems too short there is the possibility to compete in the 50 km distance which goes over two loops.
Visma Ski Classics Pro Team athletes ski on Saturday 75 km (3 loops) Classic.

Refreshment and service stations

Track signs
The track signs occur every kilometer and are counted downwards.

Emergency service and first aid
In the start and finish area as well as along the course, there is at any time an emergency service and first aid crew on duty. The emergency services and first aid personnel organised by the mountain and trail rescue will be available in the start and finish area as well as along the course. Emergency telephone calls should always be made using the number 112 and should contain the following information:
- La Venosta
- Location of the accident along the course, note kilometer distance signs
- Type of injury
It is recommended that participants carry a mobile phone during the race, as in certain circumstances it might save lives! The mountain and trail rescue team has the right to forbid a participant to continue if they are strongly convinced that the health of the participant or of other participants may be endangered.