Saturday, 15 january 2022 - 45 k in Melag
Sunday, 16 january 2022 - 25k/50k at Resia Lake
The mystery of La Venosta
Hidden at the end of South Tyrol, close to the borders of Switzerland and Austria, the mysterious charming Vallelunga valley spreads out in all its beauty. It’s time to stop hiding and show it to the cross-country skiing world. Embedded in the culture region of Venosta Valley, a new long-distance skiing race was born.

Special about this event: It guarantees good snow conditions already early in December, even better ones in February, AND invites professionals and recreational skiers alike to join in an exciting competition. It is a unique opportunity for every cross-country skiing enthusiast to compare oneself with the elite in long-distance skiing and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this hidden jewel.

The course starts directly at the end of the picturesque village Melago and follows a slight downhill towards Kappl. From there you are challenged by a longer slight uphill section to the highest point on the course, Melago Alm. This is when you begin your way back to Melago where you will start into the next round and circle around the scenic Vallelunga valley before crossing the finish line after 30 km again in Melago. 

Join the 2nd edition of a new step in ski marathon history!



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